We are the Mighty Mohawks and welcome to the YMCA Indian Princess Seminole Nation program serving the northern quarter of Broward County, Florida. Our program today has over 512 active fathers and daughters participating in the program.
There is a parallel Indian Guides group, the Teton Nation for fathers and sons.  


  The Mighty Mohawks and the Indian Princess program are quite different from scouting, sports teams, and many other activities because it is specifically intended to be a parent AND child organization. Our members join the program specifically because father and daughter want to spend more time together. This program provides a wealth of opportunities and settings you are unlikely to find otherwise. 

From a parent's perspective this program gives you, as a father, the chance to bond with your child on many levels. The idea is to "form bonds that last a lifetime" -- so that when your children enter the turbulent middle school and high school years you have built a strong relationship and many positive memories. They have also learned how to have fun with their peers, in good ways. And, particularly important for the girls, they have developed a strong sense of accomplishment and self worth, and are able and willing to speak up for themselves. 


At our main Spring and Fall Campouts we hold our very special Induction & Breaking Arrow Ceremonies at the big bon fire. During the Induction Ceremony new princesses are welcomed by the Nation Chief. During the Breaking Arrow ceremony older girls finding their selves busy with life as a young teenager say goodbye to the program and take on the world following the life lessons experienced with their father during their years in the program. Great fun, food, nature and cooking s'mores over the campfire is the perfect setting for a weekend get away. Tent outings are very informal and dads and daughters have plenty of time to get to know other tribes. Take a look at our calendar to see what coming up!

Come see the big and little places that make Florida special, from Lake Wales to Arcadia, Yumatilla, Fruitland Park, Fish Eating Creek, and many more.



 Overnight camping is a regular part of the Mighty Mohawks schedule and the Seminole Nation Indian Princess program. Campouts and other outings give parents and children a chance to socialize, share common experiences, and discover new and interesting people and places.

We hold several weekend campouts during the year, both tent and cabin camping. Cabin campouts are setup much like kids summer camp. Many exciting activities are planned throughout the week. Food is prepared and served for you. Grab your sleeping bag and a pillow and you are ready for some great father/daughter bonding. 


Canoeing on the Peace River is an awesome experience for both the dad and the daughter.  They learn how to row a canoe, see tons of wildlife, go fossiling for sharks teeth and so much more.


Making crafts at meetings twice a month is a integral part of our program.  It engages our daughters in arts and crafts bringing out their talents and abilities to create.  Dads get to also show their talents as we are completely engaged in the crafts along with our daughters.


Community service is a huge part of our program.  Giving back to the community happens in many ways. From cleaning up landscaping at the local animal rescue & wildlife center, baking cookies & brownies for the local fire departments, donating toys & gift cards for the holidays to children's organizations and blood drives just to mention a few of the ways we try to help our communities.


We have some great overnight indoor sleepovers as well.  We have slept under the Atlantis and the Apollo space ships at NASA, inside the science museum and at Busch Gardens in Tamp.  The girls always love these once in a lifetime sleepovers at various locations.